What's that on your face!

As of Friday 24th July, it will be compulsory to wear a face mask when in a shop. At the time of writing this blog it is unclear as to whether it will be compulsory to wear a face mask whilst in a restaurant/cafe/pub etc. We have decided that our customers will need to wear a mask when entering our premises.

Our expectations are as follows:

  • ensure you are wearing a mask, correctly (covering both mouth and nose)

  • while you are being shown to your table, please keep wearing your mask until you are sitting down at your table

  • once you are sitting down you can remove your mask (we have found it much easier to eat and drink when not wearing a mask)

  • if you need to visit the toilet, you are required to put your mask on again, you can then remove it once you have returned to your table and are sitting down

  • when you are ready to leave, please put your mask on correctly, whilst you are still sitting down

  • when you have your mask on correctly, you can then stand up and leave

This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we feel that by doing this everyone will feel much safer.

All our staff will be wearing either a mask or visor as of next week, we are trialling some at the moment.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves when they visit Moriarty's and our Baskerville Bar but importantly we also want our customers and staff to feel safe.

We will continue to make changes as per government guidelines. We also welcome feedback from our customers, we can only make changes if we know what you think.

We look forward to guessing who you all are, behind your masks!

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