Voting has commenced!

We have been so lucky to be nominated by The Indie Bizz Awards and then we got shortlisted down to the final 6. I am amazed as we are such a young company and we have not had a lot of time to build up our loyal customer base (although the customers we have are all awesome) as much as the other companies shortlisted with us.

To be completely honest all of the finalists look absolutely fantastic and I wish them all well but I do want to win (I've been told a lot of times, too many to count, how competitive I am and I know I am!). However I feel honoured to have got this far and I cannot believe the level of support that we have received.

Whilst I don't expect to win it is a very exciting process and The Indie Bizz Awards look like a great company to follow on Instagram and Facebook. I think their awards are going to be super successful and they have an annual award, I have no idea about this yet other than it will be next year as they have only just started these awards. I love their innovativeness (is that actually a word) and what they are trying to do to support all the lovely independent businesses across the UK.

If you feel like giving us a vote, and we would truly appreciate it, please click on the following link

Thank you for every single person who has supported us, without you we would be nowhere.

Take care and stay safe you lovely people!

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