Time flies

The time has finally come when I am starting to look at how Moriarty's can open properly again with tables and chairs, so our customers can sit and chat no matter what the weather is doing.

The government guidelines are a little bit "loose" on what we all need to do but I do want to reassure our customers that I will be putting lots of cleanliness procedures in place.

For example, our chairs are fabric and therefore could be seen as a potential problem for holding onto the virus (or any germs, really). We have a steam cleaner and will be using this on all the chairs in between customers and whilst I do appreciate that it does take away some of the relaxed atmosphere we are trying to achieve, at least you will know that I, and my staff, are taking this situation very seriously. Tables are a bit easier to keep clean and we will continue to wipe them down after every customer, this is something that is good practise anyway.

Although we have not been given an indication from the government regarding temperatures, we have a non touch forehead scanner thermometer which we are using on all staff before their shift starts. We will continue to use this on all staff and I am considering whether this should be an option for customers too, but I do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

You will also see that we have decided to not use screens, there are several reasons for this not least I believe that they are a potential hazard for harbouring germs. It concerns me that, they will need to be thoroughly cleaned after each customer and before another customer could come into contact with them. I worry that a small part of the screen could get missed and therefore harbour germs, and the virus, potentially. However, I would be interested to hear what customers think also. Whilst we have been open for takeaways, there are no screens and everyone has kept their distance from each other and staff and no-one has sneezed (thank goodness, I think we'd all have a panic and potentially go into flight mode!). I truly believe that our customers care about others and this is what I have witnessed since opening up for takeaways and I see no reason why this will change. I am truly grateful that our lovely customers are so respectful of the social distancing and with each other and with my staff.

I will be putting several practises in place to keep the premises clean, virus free and safe for everyone when they visit.

I am currently working on our website so that our menus will be all online and customers will be able to look at the menus from their own mobile phones. This will reduce contact points and we can easily keep the menu updated with items in stock and take items off that have sold out, I think this is a really good positive step forward. This will also minimise the use of paper and is good for the environment too. We will have single use menus for those customer yet to join the internet revolution but we will encourage customers to view the menus online, it also means you can sit and drool over offerings in the comfort of your own home, if you choose to.

Our toilets are currently open for customers to use and will continue to be open for customers when we are fully open. However, they will be locked and customers will need to request the key from staff, and we ask customers to lock the door when they vacate the toilet. This is so that we have the opportunity to sanitise after each customer visit, we want to do all we can to minimise all risks whilst at the same time providing our customers with the necessary provisions.

I am debating (internally, and all I can say is, it makes decisions a little bit harder to make when you can see all sides!) whether to let customers order from their tables (via the website) but I am reluctant to do this as our table service will be safely conducted and I don't want customers to feel like a commodity.

If there is anything you want to see us doing, please drop us a comment or email. It might be that I haven't mentioned it or it could be that you have a fantastic idea that all businesses should be following. Let's work together to get fully open!

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