Thoughts Floating Away!

I always think of loads of stuff to write about and then I sit down at my laptop and all thoughts just float off.

It's been busy........ we've had lots of lovely feedback from customers and I now feel a little more relaxed about the face coverings in shops, our customers really are fantastic and certainly don't need to be policed. With all this in mind, we have removed the a-board barrier at the front door (I cannot explain just how happy I was to do this), we still have hand sanitiser at the entrance for customers to use. This has meant that, for us, there is a degree of normality in how we greet our customers, it feels like it did that first month we opened before lockdown. We are all still watching the door to greet all our lovely customers as they come in and in fact this means that it keeps us more socially distanced so there is an argument to be had that it is safer for both staff and customers. We still, of course, offer table service and although our menus are all online, ordering is done with our staff in person, just like it should be.

Our toilets, for the time being, are still locked but this is so that we can clean them down after each visit. We will soon be taking the decision to unlock the toilets but this does not mean that our standards will slip. We will continue to clean down the toilets regularly, the system we have is easy and quick. The aim is to clean the toilets after each visit but once the toilets are unlocked this is not possible, so we will be cleaning the toilets every 15 minutes. We like the fact that our toilets are looking lovely and clean all the time and we hope that our customers continue to have faith in our ability to keep them safe.

Booze! We have never really shout out about what alcohol we offer (other than our fabulous cocktails) I wanted to clarify the situation. We serve alcohol daily from 11am until we close. We have a small range of wines, bottled beers and spirits, we are continuously updating the menus online so please keep an eye on them. Although our Baskerville Bar is not open daily for cocktails, we do serve all other alcoholic beverages throughout the day, in our espresso bar/coffee shop. If you fancy a tipple whilst eating lunch, then why not indulge.

We are also extending our range of wines and bottled beers, I am talking to local vineyards and brewers so we should have some lovely local wines and beers to offer soon.

Some of my thoughts have definitely floated but some came back! Thank you for reading.

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