Opening with tables, whoop, whoop!

We are re-opening, fully with tables on Saturday 4th July 2020! There was staff training last night, more will happen before everyone's first shift just to make sure we are all over this making everyone safe!

Our doors will open (but not physically) on Saturday at 10am, we will be keeping our doors closed (not locked) and requesting that customers wait for our staff to welcome them inside (we will open the doors for you to avoid touch points). This is a new experience for all of us and although we do not want to keep anyone waiting outside please do bear in mind that we may be helping another customer or getting an order ready but we will be with you as soon as we can.

We will guide you to an empty table (that has been cleaned and sanitised), we will then give you a few minutes to look over the menu (which can be viewed on your own device on our website, not live just yet I am doing this myself but it will be up no later than Saturday morning).

We request that you stay seated throughout your visit, this is to maximise social distancing and minimise contact points. If you need to visit the toilet please ask a member of staff to open the toilet for you. We are keeping them closed so that we can ensure they are cleaned after every visit, to ensure you are all safe.

We will continue with our table order system but due to government advice and guidelines we will no longer allow ordering at the counter (or bar in the Baskerville Bar).

We realise that you are reliant on our staff being vigilant and reading your signals that you are ready to order, want the bill, or just want to ask something. Please do bear with us as some of the staff haven't worked for the whole of lockdown and will take time for brains to engage but we will endeavour to make your visit enjoyable with great drinks and food!

All the same rules apply for the Baskerville Bar, you will be shown to your table in the basement however once the basement is at capacity (which is lower than prior to lockdown) we will seat customers on the ground floor. We recognise that the ground floor has a different vibe to the basement bar but it is very different in the evening to the day and it's a great space to enjoy a cocktail or glass or wine or perhaps a beer!

Some points to know:

All tables and chairs will be sanitised once they are vacated and before anyone else sits down. The velvet chairs will be steamed which is effective in killing viruses and bugs.

We will have some hand sanitiser for you to use upon arrival.

All payments are contactless under £45 anything over would be chip and pin. We do not have the facility to accept any cash payments but feel free to tip in cash (we keep the money safely and store it for at least 72 hours before it is divvied up)

Toilets are cleaned after every visit.

We are looking forward to welcoming both existing and new customers, we hope when you visit us you have a fantastic time and enjoy the vibes!

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