Oat Milk...............

I could not believe it I ran out of oat milk, could not get it from anywhere. No, let me clarify I could get oat milk but not Oatly and I will not use any other oat milk. We use the best brands in our bar.

I found Oatly when I first went vegan and it saved me. I've tried all the other oat milks and this is the only one that I can recommend. It compliments coffee (and hot chocolate, chai latte, tea) as if it was made specially for it. The barista version (which we obviously use) is superb to work with, it textures so well.

You can imagine my dismay last week when our stock levels plummeted and all my suppliers were out of stock (those 3 words are not what anyone wants to hear are they). I chased and looked and hunted around, eventually my supplier had it in stock, not for long though as I ordered 300 litres of the stuff. It arrived today and you will not believe the calm that descended upon me. To all my customers and potential customers Oatly is back in stock, come on down and get your fix!

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