Moriarty's Dance Special

We are showing our process of serving customers now we are no longer serving at the door but at our counter.

Customers from the same household (or support bubble) can all come in together but we will not allow any other customer to come into the premises however we have socially distancing tape outside the largest window for our customers to queue (it's dry too!).

As you can see we do a little dance at the counter with our customers, when a customer's own cup is placed down we take a step backwards to allow more space. We ask customers to then step back to the red tape, when we place the payment machine down please wait until we have stepped back before you step up to pay using contactless payment. We then ask customers to wait on the red tape until their drink is ready for them to grab and go.

We have hand sanitisers at the teleportation box (red taped box, just inside the door for a waiting customer) and also at the serving counter. The space we have is large and well ventilated as the doors are kept open to minimise contact points and help airflow. We continually assess the risks to both our valued customers and our staff and will make all necessary changes immediately they become apparent.

I would like to thank all our wonderful customers for their continued support and I, and all my staff, are looking forward to being able to sit down with you all soon, both regular customers and also our new customers. Thank you

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