Lockdown Madness and more

We first opened our doors on 23rd February 2020, it was going very well. Those first 3 weeks we were slowly growing and then the 4th week the growth nose dived off the cliff. I couldn't work out where I was going wrong, everything was just as I wanted it to be, good feedback too. Well, I wasn't paying mu

ch attention to the new Covid-19 outbreak and I had decided that I wasn't closing down (other places had in town), I couldn't afford to but then the government took that decision out of my hands and on the 24th March it was announced that we had to close. I was devastated,

what was I going to do for my staff? I could see my whole dream just puuuufffff gone, in an instant. When the announced it I admit, I was in shock and the tears flowed very easily, I ended up in our wonderful Baskerville Bar (in the basement) sobbing my heart out to Jake,

I had completely forgotten we actually had a customer in the bar and there I was crying quite messily. After a few minutes this lovely lady said her goodbyes and left, I wasn't even together enough to apologise. If that wonderful lady ever reads this, I apologise profusely for being so unprofessional.

My team were fabulous, they were in shock too! That night we had expected a large group in for cocktails and we'd prepared a wonderful spread with dips (all homemade) and flatbreads (made with love by The Friendly Loaf Company). Rather than let it go to waste we all sat there sipping our drinks and eating our lovely Tapenade, Hummus and Baba......... Ganoush. I admit, I got very drunk, Adam made me the largest Negroni known to man and boy that di the trick. I eventually made it home, promptly burst into tears and cried myself to sleep.

There was talk of the Job Retention Scheme but unfortunately due to the date of the RTI submission being 19th March and my submission wasn't due until the end of the month (they announced this deadline on the 20th March so I was stuffed) it meant that my fledgling company was not able to furlough my team using the Job Retention Scheme. I paid my team (all of them) in full at the end of March, they had worked and deserved this money. By the end of April I had not heard anything back from the Treasury (yes too damn right I had written to them, I am trying to protect my business and my hard working team) so I paid all of my staff 80% of their contracted hours, out of my own pocket. I qualified for one of the business grants and that did take the pressure of a little bit.

From the 25th March what did I do? I slobbed out for a couple of weeks, I was an expert sofa sloth. Then I got the virus and oh I was not well but luckily the main symptoms had gone after 3 days but it did take a further 2 weeks to get back to normal.

Around early May I was trying to work out the way forward and so on the 8th March I flung our doors wide open, set up a system to prevent customers actually entering the premises and off we went with our tak

eaway service.

It's going well, our customers are lovely and really do support our local independent shops in Bury St Edmunds, I am sure this is not the case everywhere so I appreciate every single person who purchases something from Moriarty's.

It is both terrifying and satisfying. Terrifying because takeaway, pre-order for collection and delivery was not something I had any knowledge of. Satisfying because we are open again.

Someone in a private Facebook message to me (we were having a conversation, I have never met this chap before) said that it was great I was taking all this in my stride. I am pleased that it looks that

way on the outside world. But I panic every single day, I spend my days with worry that I'm not getting enough money through the tills to pay the staff that are currently working some hours for me. I worry that the customers won't like what we do (not the case yet although some people seem to think they will die if they don't have dairy milk (ugh!) in their drinks!

I take each moment as it comes, I try to make sure that everyone walks away happy, so far so good.

I'm off now to prepare for the day but I've got lots to write about so watch this space and thank you for checking us out.

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