Girls Out With The Knight

September is traditionally when St Nicholas Hospice hold their event the Girls Night Out which is a walk around Bury St Edmunds on a Saturday evening in September. It is a women's only event and loads of fun, last year there were just over 2000 ladies congregating on Angel Hill waiting to take part and a wonderful sight it always it.

I first took part in this event about 5 years ago and I started my training in April of that year, my goal...... to be the fastest lady to walk around the route. I must stress that this event is not a race and it is a walk, so my training that year started out as just walking normally and quickly moved to learning how to race walk (yep, that walk that makes you look stupid!) and I completed the route in 2 hours 5 minutes.

I have also joined the event as a back walker and I accompany the RAF Honnington lads (yes, they need looking after!!!!) the route. It is always good fun and a couple of years ago I was challenged to complete the route in 2 hours. Obviously I could not resist this challenge so set a date for this to happen, 2020. Who knew the challenges we were all going to have to overcome this year.

I nearly held off for another year but realised that the hospice needed more help than ever this year as 2020 was proving to be a difficult year for them too.

On Saturday 19th September I will be completing the route but doing the route in reverse (I can just about work it out going the wrong way around). As a few years have passed since I completed the walk the first time and I am a tad older my hips no longer enjoy the pain associated with race walking so I have decided to run the route. I had great intentions to get training but with everything happening this year due to the wonderful Covid-19 and running a brand new business my training didn't even get started.

I did a couple of training runs last week, short and not too sweet but this Monday I thought I had better just get on and do a long run. I haven't run properly for over a year and I'm not a young whipper snapper any more so I didn't hold out much hope for doing some serious mileage before having to call in for help.

I am happy to say that I outdid myself, I ran 10 miles in approximately 1 hour 45 minutes so bang on target for completing the 11.2 miles within 2 hours on Saturday. It wasn't easy, I lulled myself into a false sense of security during mile 1, I got into my stride and thought "oh yeah, I can do this pace all day" and then I hit the first little incline. Running uphill has always been my nemesis and I usually walk up any incline so when I hit Mount Road (about 8 minutes into the run) I had to walk. It's never great for my head space to walk when I've got a goal but I got to the top, started running again and got into my stride. I continued in this style for the whole 10 miles so I am chuffed to have completed 10 miles in such a great time (for me that is a fab time).

As I have said I am completing this for St Nicholas Hospice and have a Just Giving fundraising page please do donate if you can. Just £1 makes a massive difference, and I truly believe that this organisation will touch everyone's life in some way shape or form and they need our help. They looked after my Nan when she needed it and they truly were awesome.

Please donate it is such a worthwhile charity. Thank you all so very much.

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