Coffee Delivery

Another panic, another day, I nearly forgot to order more coffee. Imagine that, an espresso bar with no coffee. The previous order, was not very big as I just wasn't sure how the new takeaway offering was going to go. Well, we are serving more coffees than I thought so this order was for 30kg of the wonderful single origin Brazil Sao Lucas bean roasted by the fantastic boys at Crude Coffee. There were several reasons I chose Crude, they are a local roastery less than 3 miles away from the bar. I am always conscious of our carbon footprint and as a local, independent business I would rather use another local, independent business. When I visited them to have a tasting session they could not do enough for us, we had a long chat about their coffees and loose leaf teas. Their customer service is second to none, they work with us listening to what we were doing and have been on this journey (albeit short but hopefully will be a long one!) with us. The key point too was that when I tasted their coffee, I was sold. It really is fantastic coffee, I wasn't going to serve anything but the best and they delivered it.

Not only do they do great coffee but they sell Novus Teas and oh boy they are good. We have just developed 2 iced teas using Novus Teas. We took the Persian Pomegranate and developed an iced tea with a little bit of apple juice to help sweeten it without making it too sweet, which means we haven't gone all out on the sugar content. This has made a beautifully refreshing iced tea that looks great in our glasses with a few pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top.

That wasn't quite enough for me so I went ahead and developed an Iced Mint Tea. Slightly different method than the Persian Pomegranate because it's mint not pomegranate. Still sweetened with a touch of apple juice (a couple of special ingredients added in) and once again another iced tea is now on the menu.

I'm off now to brew up some more iced tea as it's much better fresh and that's what our customers want and who can blame them.

We can't wait to get our doors properly open and have the place buzzing with customers and staff again and we don't think that moment is too far away.

Stick with us, we'll take you on a journey with us.

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