Off to the Circus

Bonjour, bonjour to all my friends out in the world of the internet. I have not blogged for such a long time, we were so busy last year and I have been hibernating over the winter. On to my news, Catherine and I had a meeting last year about both our futures, we have had such fun over the last 2 years but it was always Catherine's dream to have premises and run a coffee shop with additions (more to come on a different blog). I took the decision last year that I would find a new home, a loving home where I could have fun all year round and not just in the summer. Catherine agreed to help find me such a home and she has astounded me, she has found me a superb new home. I shall be driving on the correct side of the road, surrounded by people having fun every day, laughter will be with me all of the time, I am off to join the Circus in Germany. I have led such a varied life, starting out as a horsebox and ending up at the Circus. I think that this is where I shall stay, I have found my forever home and although I am truly grateful to Catherine as she found me discarded and unloved, she brought me back to life (and oh what a life) with love and understanding, it is time for me to move on. Catherine was only ever a temporary home and although I shall miss her running around like a maniac, ensuring everything was running smoothly, I am excited for my next adventure. So I am off, to the Circus, words cannot express how excited I am, I may even be off this weekend, that quick.

Thank you to Catherine, Jake, Sad Dog Fred and absolutely not forgetting all our gorgeous customers we have entertained over the last 2 years. It's now over to Catherine and Jake for their next adventure, more to come on that later as I am ending my blog here. There will be a new blog opening up very soon, keep in touch with Moriarty's it's such exciting news that will be published just as soon as it can be.

Thank you to all, au revoir my friends, take care, have fun in the most fabulous way x :-)

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