Holiday Time

Catherine and Sad Dog Fred have again hijacked Cecil's blog but we're having an exciting time in Spain. We decided that as it is a quiet time of the year we would get away from the rat race and enjoy some down time. It's been a great summer but working 7 days a week means we've worn ourselves out a bit and needed some respite so Catherine has taken me to Spain. So far we've done.... walking, swimming and running and other than spoken to no-one and done no sightseeing.

What we have been doing is having a look at our menu and seeing what we can do to improve our fantastic range of hot drinks and cakes. We're also looking at next year's events and have we got some exciting ones lined up, we are trying to stay local to Bury St Edmunds as what we did notice last year at the tail end of the events that some of our lovely customers were finding us and saying how brilliant it was that we were at said event as they had bought coffees from us earlier in the year and thought our coffees were gorgeous, what have we been telling you. It was lovely to see customers coming back to us at different events and specifically telling us how great our drinks are. So if you have any suggestions to add into our range please let us know, we love a bit of feedback and will respond as quickly as we can. So we have a few events lined up for the winter, with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas all heading our way so this break has been really good to have and although we couldn't bring Cecil with us he has been having lots of snoozes himself this week so he'll be ready to rock and roll by the time we get back. And he's also being looked after by Jake this week to make sure he's snug and feeling grand.

So that's us for the moment, we'll be back soon with some stories of our winter events and some upcoming events for next year. Thanks to all our lovely customers and also looking forward to meeting our new customers too.

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