As I said in my earlier blog this week, we have a new recruit, Sad Dog Fred. I’m going to hand over to him for this blog as I think it best he introduces himself as we although we are firm friends we still new friends and I might get some of the information wrong.

Hi, I’m Sad Dog Fred, I met Catherine when she was 17 and started out as an escort for her in her first car. She loved me so much that I have been in every car since then. I’m called Sad Dog Fred because I look quite sad, but I’m really a rather happy chap and we found out I have rather a knack of creating some good drinks.

The homemade lemonade was all down to me tweaking some tried and tested recipes and we had a voila! moment (as Cecil would say), the most perfect refreshing lemonade drink for those days when perhaps a hot drink is just not what you want. I am currently working on several new drinks, there is a fantastic iced peach tea that will be making an appearance at the Suffolk Dog Day, I cannot tell you how excited I am to see so many of my fellow kind in one place. I will try to contain my excitement though as Catherine doesn’t want me messing around in Cecil whilst she’s hard at work. So back to the iced peach tea, marvellous drink.

I am now starting to work on some cocktails and it does take a little bit of time to get these right because after Catherine and I have tasted a few it all gets a bit silly. We’ve asked Cecil to join in the tasting sessions but petrol is his thing and he will not be swayed. We have some great cocktails to try out at events and private functions. Not only are we working on cold cocktails poured over ice we are also working on hot coffee based cocktails, we have found an absolutely gorgeous caramel vodka that works so well with our coffee, it’s actually a little bit morish so heed caution when drinking that one, before you know it you could end up slightly squiffy. Catherine will be keeping an eye on the squiffiness of people when alcohol is to be served just to make sure the squiffiness doesn’t get out of hand.

So that’s me really, I come along to all the events and I sit in Cecil watching all the fun happening, I’m quite chilled so I enjoy the events as I have a rest. My work is completed once the event starts, so I can kick back and enjoy it all.

See you all this weekend at the Lowdown, a brand new bike show at the Suffolk Academy in Barrow.

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