Hitting the Road

We hit the road again last weekend and ended up at a Family Fun Day at Newmarket and the Colchester Medieval & Oyster Fayre. We had a lot of fun at both events and everyone we meet is lovely. The Family Fun Day was also a dog show and the variety of dogs was amazing. All very well behaved too, I don't believe any dog relieved themselves on my wheels (not that I'd have minded). The Medieval Fayre was an interesting day, lots of people dressed up in funny clothes and we were presented with an array of different mugs to have tea in. All very lovely and individual much to Catherine's amusement. There was one mug that held 3 cups of water which apparently was going to be shared between 2 people. I really enjoyed travelling over to Colchester along the A134, I did struggle up a couple of the hills but Catherine steadied me so I didn't overheat as I have a tendency to think I can charge up them but I am no longer young enough to sprint. We had lots of fun though, waving to people who seem very enchanted by my devilish handsomeness.

This weekend we're off to Homegrown Festival in Barrow, nice and close to home. It's my first ever music festival so it's going to be great to listen to the local bands and watch the dancing, of which I am sure there will be plenty (mostly done by Catherine I think). So come on over to Homegrown to see us and taste our lovely coffee, cakes and savoury rolls (yummy, I'm hungry just thinking about them all).

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