Our Food Ethos

I have hijacked Cecil's blog, this is Catherine, but I wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog some important stuff. A few months ago I decided to eat a plant based diet, yes that makes me a vegan. It was around the same time that Cecil and I found each other and although I knew I was going to serve hot drinks I wasn't sure about food. However when I made the leap and decided to sell snacks I just knew that I wanted to keep as much of it meat, dairy and egg free. I luckily found a super lady local to me called Tracey who runs the Striped Apron Bakery and she eagerly tested out some vegan cake and cookie recipes. I don't think you can tell the difference between the cakes and cookies that we sell and other cakes and cookies, well except that ours are better and they are homemade and made locally.

So then I got thinking about the savoury side of food and originally wanted to make panini, but this idea just wouldn't fly due to my generator not being able to cope with the hot grills needed to warm up the panini. All the while I was thinking about what I could offer my lovely customers whilst keeping the meat eaters happy with my food. Eventually I hit on the 3 flavours of savoury pastry rolls (like a sausage roll but vegan and better) we now serve. I did try to work with meat and fish but just couldn't do it and I wanted to make the savoury snacks myself, I didn't want to outsource everything.

All of our recipes have been tried and tested on meat eaters and we have had no complaints yet. The recipes were tweaked as per the comments we got so that they appealed to a broad range of people.

I truly believe that we can eat just as well and with loads of flavour without the need for meat and fish. I am hoping that I can change the coffee industry and would love my customers to try oat milk in their coffee, I personally think it tastes much better than dairy. Anyway this is not a lecture I just wanted everyone to know that the food we serve is meat, dairy and egg free.

If you have any suggestions please let me know I am always looking for ways to improve upon what we already do. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it is important to me that you all know what we serve.

See you all soon! :-)

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