Keep on Truckin!

We had an epic journey on Friday to Loughborough, no mean feat when you realise that you're top speed is 35mph. I thought I could achieve 50mph but unfortunately I got a little bit hot and bothered and ended up dispelling all of the water from my radiator. From then on Catherine had to keep me in check and we cruised along at a steady 30-35mph, it was difficult as I really did want to go a little bit faster.

However, the countryside was wonderful and although the hills were a little bit difficult to climb (thank you to the inventor of crawler lanes) I thoroughly enjoyed blowing out the cobwebs. We were at a Classic Car weekend and there were plenty of vintage cars and also steam engines (I was a lot quicker than those things).

The people were very chatty and we got lots of customers complimenting the coffee (and my handsome looks of course). Our double chocolate chip cookies sold out proving to be a very popular choice with both adults and children. The hot chocolate is also very popular and I am happy to report that the chocolate is proper chocolate and dairy free, obviously when made with dairy milk this makes it non dairy free but at least there is an option for those of you who stay away from dairy.

We'll see you all very soon at Paws in the Park on 22nd May, it's going to be a fabulous day out.

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