First Ever Event

Well, what an exciting time we had last weekend. Catherine had to arrange for a special taxi for me to take me to the Strutt Your Mutt event due to my UK registration not quite complete (any day now I'll be on the roads properly). So the lovely lads from M.A.P. Recovery came and picked me up, they are always so charming and take special care of me, which is very lucky as Catherine was having quite the panic about me falling off their lorry. She had got herself into quite a state about whether or not we were ready for the event, well I was ready and quite frankly as I'm the star of the show that should be good enough. The journey to the gorgeous Benacre estate was uneventful, in fact I quite enjoyed myself riding on that lorry, it was great to get out and see the great British countryside, you see I only came over from France in October 2015 so it is fantastic fun to see a new landscape.

We arrived and Catherine maneuvered me into position, it was a most picturesque setting and I settled down for the evening while Catherine pitched her tent and sorted out things for the morning. I had a good night's sleep but apparently Catherine found it to be quite cold (there was frost during the night) and she didn't sleep as well as I did but we got going early in the morning with the setting up. Generator offloaded and into position, lights on, coffee machine on everything very smooth so far. Then all of a sudden I could feel the panic in the air, Catherine was running around checking switches and fuse boxes, the power had stopped reaching all the equipment but the generator was still running. After a few worrying phone calls, a lovely gentleman who had a Citroen H van too found that the generator had tripped his switch. Too much power was being asked for, so the panini grills had to be switched off. Panic over, normality restored, back to getting the coffee started, I mean that's what we were there for anyway. All was set up, Jake arrived (lovely young chap, very polite and with a good sense of humour) and Catherine and Jake started to serve our customers. We had a steady flow of lovely people not only buying hot drinks and cakes but also they couldn't help themselves admiring my handsome looks. Lots of questions were asked about me and my history which Catherine answered quite knowledgeably, she obviously does listen to me even when she looks like she's not. I felt very lucky to be at the event, there were some lovely dogs, and their owners, there was lots of noisy dogs enjoying themselves and just having fun. Everyone was very relaxed and the weather was great.

It was such a great feeling to be out and about again after a lot of years of doing nothing. The day flew by and before I knew it Jake had gone and Catherine was serving the last customers and then it was time to pack up. We then had to wait for my "taxi" service and then we headed home again. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can't wait for the South Suffolk Show on Sunday 8th May and hopefully I will able to get there under my own steam. Life is full of adventure at the moment with lots of lovely events coming up. Exciting days are ahead of us, it's so good to have been given a second chance and a completely different life to my previous one. If you're around the area on Sunday come on over to the South Suffolk Show and find us for the best coffee at the show. Much fun and love to you all.

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