All about Cecil

Hello, I'm Cecil. I am a very handsome boy (or so I've been told), Citroen manufactured me in 1972 and I was a horsebox which is why I am slightly bigger than the other Citroen H vans that you may see about. This also makes me more handsome than the others, but ssshh don't tell them that!

Catherine (who is lovely, by the way) bought me in October 2015 and I have been having some much needed TLC since then. Catherine has visited me over the last few months so that we could get acquainted with each other.

My conversion is very nearly complete just a few tweaks left to sort out but I have been to Coastline Graphics this week who have put all of the sign writing on and boy do I look good. Just look at the picture above and swoon.

I am going to have my catering equipment installed next week but for the moment I am residing at home having a rest from all the hard work during the last few weeks. I will keep this page updated with all of my adventures so as the saying goes, watch this space!

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