American Mother's Day Prohibition Package (single)

American Mother's Day Prohibition Package (single)


The Prohibition Package includes:


1 x Moriarty

// rich // nutty // smooth //

"Our signature variation of an Espresso Martini"

Thunder Vodka; Mr Black; Espresso; Nut reduction


1 x Whangdoodle

// sweet // refreshing // light //

"a fresh and floral highball incorporating Laurie’s vegan 'honey'"

Jameson Stout; King’s Ginger; Vegan “honey”; Lemon; Elderflower Soda; Peach bitters


1 x Cakes (the choice is yours)

Flavours are:

Ultimate Carrot

Bramley Apple Crumble

Dark & Fruity Flapjack

Hazelnut & Praline Brownie

Dark Cherry & Marzipan

Super Dark Brownie

Chocolate & Banana 

Blueberry Bakewell



RRP £23.75